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take a chance on meee? (insert ABBA playback :-))

NAME: Samy.
AGE: 38 going on 29. :-)
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I read a lot (mostly SF and fantasy, the classics, fact books and fanfic. So much fanfic :-)), I like doing art, play the guitar (poorly), take photographs and sometimes I write some fanfic too. I travel both for my job and for fun, so I post about some of that as well. My top fandoms are: Star Trek (TOS/AOS), Marvel's Avengers, Hobbit/LotR, Lois McMaster Bujold's "Vorkosigan" series.

LOOKING FOR: I am looking for people interested in making friends/who share some of my interests. I'm a recent emigree from livejournal and it's a bit lonely on here right now, for me.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I've written a longer post about myself here.
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Hi, you had me when you said Lois McMaster Bujold, I need more Bujold fans in my life!

I am a 55 year old librarian in NYC, I read fantasy, sci fi, and mystery, I am divorced with a 27 year old married daughter, and two cats and a turtle.

Adding you, hope you add me back!
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Are you a Samantha? I am a Sammi. :) I love the Hobbit very much. Hobbits are interesting creatures. :D I am also from LJ bc I hate being always having the feeling of the sword of Damocles always on my head. D:
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Cool Samy. Well, my full name is Samantha Josephine. Too long for my tastes... I get called Sam a lot. :)
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I write a lot of F&SF. It sounds like we have some things in common. Feel free to drop by my journal and see if there's anything you like.