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Hello! Like many people, I'm a longtime Livejournaler who's working on making the switch over to Dreamwidth. But I've had my journal there since 2001--that's pretty much my entire adult life! Change is hard! In order to help me shift my focus over here instead of over there, I'd like to see if I can establish a more active group of DW-friends. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my journal.

About me:
My name is Katie, I'm 38, I'm queer, and I'm female. I'm a writer and writing tutor by profession (I write fiction and book reviews; I tutor high school students and beginning creative writers). I grew up in the Hudson Valley in New York State, and currently live in Philadelphia. I live in a very old house with my girlfriend of eighteen years and our two cats. I love to read (favorite writers include E.M. Forster, Marilynne Robinson, Virginia Woolf, Pat Barker, Ursula K. Le Guin, George Saunders, etc). I also like cooking, baking, canning, and food preservation of all kinds; hiking and bird watching; gardening; swimming; watching baseball.... I'm a rather typical introvert and lead a fairly quiet life. I drink entirely too much tea.

About my journal:
I began my LJ as a reading journal, and still often post informal book reviews and thoughts on whatever I happen to be reading at the moment. In addition to writing about books, I often post about food and the projects I undertake in the kitchen. Sometimes I use my journal to track goals. Sometimes I write about the things that are going on in my life. Rarely (very rarely) I share my writing. Sometimes I post about art, or the creative process, or a quotation that caught my attention. I tend to post about once or twice a week. There are often photos. I keep my journal friends-only, but if any of this sounds interesting to you I will be happy to add you so you can check it out. No harm done if it turns out to not be your style after all!

What I'm Looking For:
Like I said, I'm transitioning from using LJ as my main online home, and am looking for a more active friends list here on DW. I like genuine connections and interesting conversations. I'd love to meet people who share my interests, especially fellow book-nerds who want to geek out about literature with me. Outdoorsy folks, creative folks, thinkers, makers, teachers, learners.... I can't promise to be the world's greatest commenter and I don't expect you to be either, but I would like to talk to each other at least occasionally.

Say hello! Let's get to know each other!
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I love writing and literature (and Ursula K. Le Guin is one of my all-time favorite authors). Mind if I add you?
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For me it's The Tombs of Atuan; I adore the entire Earthsea series but that was the first book of hers I read.
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I definitely fit into the outdoorsy, creative, thinker, maker realm of life :) So hello!
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Hi there! I was on LJ for about 10 years and felt the same way when I switched over to DW. I have gotten to know a lot of great people here though! :)

Would love to share journals. I am a bi poly pansexual pagan and a huge book lover. Also working artist, full time single mom with two teenagers.
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I grew up north of Philly (not north Philly, lol) and went to school in upstate NY! Now I live in Sweden and do EFL tutoring and copyediting. Also, you seem cool. Friends?
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Wow! We have so much in common if you want to friend up! :)

My name is Missy, I'm 40, bi, and female. Longtime writer and I have tutored before. I'm primarily a poet. I'm in Michigan with two dogs and my partner/husband Bob. I like reading, cooking, baking, hiking, camping, birdwatching, swimming, tea drinking, much coffee drinking, and crafting. I'd love to do more with food preservation...I've never actually canned anything. I post day to day life.

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Hello! I would love to add you as a friend :) My journal is mostly day-to-day life, though in general I'm very fandom oriented. I love to get to know people and you sound interesting! ♥
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Absolutely no worries ^^ I like having not-so-fandomish friends as well, so I look forward to getting to know you ♥
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I think we'd get along well :) Added you -- Ryan in New Mexico (currently in Nebraska)
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Hi! Pan, happily almost Married Mama of one. Delving into the world of writing book reviews for my partners small publishing company (which mainly focuses on Transgender fiction, but that may change).Book nerd, Jersey girl. Fellow LJer who made the switch. Can we be friends?
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Hi! I'm Anne, 30, from Finland. I work at a library and I'd love to have more book-nerds on my flist (reading page? I'm also new to DW). I'm also into photography and I like to cook. Friends?
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Hi, I'm 31 years old and living in Finland, been Livejournaling for ten years and your interests sound somewhat like mine. I'm also looking to add new people to my empty friends list. I'm an outdoorsy creative thinker and learner and genuine connections and interesting conversations is almost exactly what I wrote to my own post here or to my profile, I'm not sure which. I'd like to add you!
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Hi. :) I reckon we might get along. I'm a nurse in my forties in NZ. I'm also a cat-lover, into gardening, hiking and crafty things, also queer (although single and happy to remain so). I write about my family, work, pretty walks I go on (often with pics), stuff on my mind and just general day to day stuff. Anxiety affects my life a lot, so I sometimes write about struggles I'm having.

I'm also an LJ refugee. I started using DW when the TOS on LJ changed. It's really nice. I hope you like it here.

Let me know if you're interested and perhaps we can add each other. :)
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Thanks. I PMed you to answer your question. :)
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It sounds like we have a lot in common. I invite you to drop by my blog and see what you think.
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Hey, I also love reading, and I'm just starting to really learn how to cook, so I like to hear about others' kitchen projects. I post about life, writing, and me being really gay for my girlfriend.

Add each other?
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Hi Katie! It seems like you got many responses already, but if you are open to more friends, I would love to connect. I also love writing and I am just getting back into creative writing, I am a teacher and thinking of starting some creative writing workshops for students. I love geeking out about literature, though I haven't been doing much of it in my journal - but I would love to if it was to be read and appreciated! I am also an introvert and I love the beautiful outdoors.
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Hello, I added you.