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I'm here!

NAME: Keelo or Hannah
AGE: 26
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: reading, dogs, witchy stuff, art, photography, business, food,
LOOKING FOR: I'm mostly looking for people that write about their everyday life. I am not into any fandoms though i dont mind people that are, i just don't want to read about supernatural or dr. who everyday on my friends page. I like raw and interesting people. If you're a grammar nazi don't even bother because my life is always going 100 mph and i dont have time for proper grammar in my journal. I'm usually updating between grooming dogs and checking in clients.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I used livejournal for years off and on. I made a new livejournal recently but had a hard time keeping up with it and making friends. This is my second attempt, i actually like how dreamwidth is set up much better than how livejournal is right now.

Well I'm a dog groomer. If you like doggos you should probably add me! I will post pictures of dogs and grooming related stuff. I started showing dogs at age 9ish. My first salon job was at age 16. So this has been my whole life. I have competed my dogs in confirmation, flyball, agility, and started with k9 freestyle but then just decided my dog had had enough. I have three cats and three dogs ( two corgis and a little mutt-butt).

My fiance ( i normally just call him my husband) is an alcoholic who is trying (slowly) to recover. i post about that a lot. Most people would say leave him but, excuse me, if my family left me the first time i messed up i would be worst off. So i try to help, be supportive and we take it one day at a time. We have a child who is 7 years old. Me and my husbands roles are switched, he is more of the care giver/homemaker and i am the provider and worker. He is also Asexual so i might talk about my adventures with that.

Other than dogs and family, i enjoy reading. I might give book reviews on occasion. Also always up for suggestions from other YA fans. I read to escape my own reality because i'm constantly crunching numbers and planning events for my business or managing my family. It is my one time i stop thinking about everything else. I can play the guitar but seriously have not picked it up in 4 years or so. I love music! folk, indie, bluegrass kinda stuff is my sweet spot but i do enjoy other types of music as well.

Anything else you want to know? Just ask!
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You sold me at dogs, art and witchy stuff. Friends?
I'm into fandom but it's a small part of my posts and usually cut. I talk more about RL. I enjoy reading about people's RL too.
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Dogs and folk music... I'm in!

I have three dogs (a great pyr, a gsd and a maltese) and live on a very old farm. Nice to meet ya :)
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art and witchy stuff =)
would love to be friends.
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We have some interests in common (witchy / pagan, photography and art, reading / books / writing).

Would you like to add each other?

Thanks and best wishes.
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Thank you - and just added you back! : )
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Dog lover here with a toy Rat Terrier and a Chihuahua! I read a lot of non-fiction but sometimes fiction too. I am into year three with my business, so I can def relate there! Those are all def post topics along with outdoorsy stuff, everyday stuff, and my bipolar life. Friends?
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I have an ETSY shop where I sell jewelry and some bath and beauty products with the odd batch of candles here and there!
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My now hubby and I have been together for 12 years, but married for 3. Before we were married, I always called him my "busband". I'm going to add you, okay?
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i love dogs! we just have one - a blue heeler cross my boyfriend and his mother adopted from a shelter. we also have a cat.

i'm a web developer, reader and crafter. i live with my boyfriend and journal about my day to day life.

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adding back :)
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Dogs, art, witchy stuff, food... What's not to like?!

I play guitar too! Same situation, actually. Gonna try to pick it up again soon here though!

I'm going to grant you access to my journal, so you can check it out. *I must say though, I've been laying low a bit, so please don't judge me by my last few (long, boring) entries.*

If you want, you can grant me access/subscribe to me, and I'll subscribe back!
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Added ya!
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Dogs, witchy life, photography? Yes please!

I have a retired working German Shepherd and a Mastiff mix :).
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I would love to add you. I love dogs and folk music, and I'm also married to a recovering alcoholic. I'm also a convert from LJ, although I still cross-post because I love my friends who haven't made the switch. I lost my beloved dog in January, and am still recovering from that loss.

I think we would get along.
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Well....I see art and food. I'm in if you are?
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I love reading, and as a high school English teacher (though I wear many teaching hats, and I still don't know what I will be doing this fall), I dig into YA quite regularly. I like dogs, though admittedly I love cats more, but I like dogs too... I have an almost 6 year old daughter and there are some loose parallels between our family situations... I also have some experience with family members and addiction (though really no answers or useful advice, but I can listen with understanding and empathy). Friends?