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 NAME: Jamie

AGE: 35

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: penpaling(snail mail!), reading, crafting, playing computer games(not the online WoW type stuff.  Hubby is so into that), watching TV, blogging, swimming, spending time with my son and hubby.   I write stories, but they're not good. Just a hobby.  Used to write X-Files fanfic back in the day(who remembers geocities on yahoo?).

I am a stay at home momma, stuck here with no car.  I just want to meet new people, talk and chat to people that are not my son.  No one who lives around me is in my age bracket and once I married and quit my job to have a child, my "friends" disappeared. No "horney" blogs.  Fandoms are fine, just not over the top

ANYTHING ELSE?: I am disabled, so there are going to be stuff in my journal about that.  Don't worry, there aren't any "woe-is-me" in my journal.  Already wrote those out over a decade ago.  Can't change what happened, just have to keep moving forward, right? Essentially it's going to be a "whats on my mind" or "what happened today" or "this is so rad(whatever qualifies as rad)" type journal

ALSO KNOWN AS:  I have an LJ too. 

[livejournal.com profile] jlynnaz30



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