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NAME: Cassie

AGE: 27

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Fandom, writing (fanfic being my first venture/love), being a good cat mom.

 Mature, non-drama seekers are super ideal. Those who don’t mind me casually talking about fandom/shows/favorite people in the mix of a regular update; it’s how I cope mostly. Also, would like people who are okay hearing me occasionally bring up my abusive ex. No dicks, stiffs, porn journals, or conservatives either. Other than that, I'm cool with just about anyone.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I’m a 27-year-old single queer female. I work part-time at a department store, I have a cat who is my child, I live with my mom, I’m also putting my life back together after dealing with depression, and learning how to cope with my anxiety disorder. I have a full unlocked intro post here:

ALSO KNOWN AS: I still have my LJ account, as not all of my friends made the jump. So all my entries are cross-posted to there [ profile] cassie_faith


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