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  NAME: Christine
AGE: 33
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Reading, writing, comedy, Broadway, Impractical Jokers, movies, music, etc...
LOOKING FOR: Any friends who comment on posts.  I always comment back on those who comment on my entries.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I am an author and I write romance novels.  I am also in the process of writing a poetry book.  I write updates on how my work is going.  I also write about the Jokers alot, especially Sal who is my role model and I've met 3 times already.  I also will write about my best friends alot because they mean the world to me.  Other than that, I just write about my days.
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We used to be friends on LJ a while back. I knew you wrote but didn't know that you wrote romance novels. That is so cool! Would you be interested in being friends again?
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Hello, adding you. :)