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Hi, I haven't posted here yet but I am here from good old LJ.

I have honestly become rather shit about posting lately. Mostly because I'm still grieving the loss of my grandfather and mostly because it seems a lot of people have left livejournal and I know many moved here but because they either removed their LJ or just logged out never to log in again. Here I am.

So here I am hoping to make some new friends and hoping to come out of my bubble and post more. I do read my friends list daily though.

Let's see, I like to read, learning to sew and I love to cook and go out to eat at new places. I also like working on my family tree.

I'm married and have one three and a half year old son. I just finished my schooling for real estate and just saving up for my state exam so I can start selling. For now I just do some freelance work online.

I guess that's all I can say about myself? Hopefully I don't sound too horribly boring.

Oh I'm also into horror movies, mystery style novels, and rock music.

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