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AGE: 25
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Writing, specifically writing fanfiction. Rambling about and reading/watching Marvel and Dc comics and tv shows. Though I learn more towards Marvel than I do DC. I'm aiming to be more active in the Cap_Ironman (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers pairing) community, and I'm sure Tony Stark might pop up loads when I ramble because he's one of my all time favourite characters. I do love select games too, such as Mass Effect, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Dragon Age; as in, literally most Bioware titles, aha. There a several more, but Mass Effect and Dragon Age are the two fandoms I've actively made fanworks in.
Sometimes I dabble in art. Writings my main hobby, though. Did I mention rambling and complaining?

I'm queer/trans and mentally ill, and enjoy coming up with headcanons and fic revolving around this. Example, I love Nonbinary and/or Trans Tony fic and art. And well, everything.

I'm also very spiritual, yet I'm not really too sure how much that'll pop up here??? I haven't had my account here that long, so most of my focus is on writing and fandom. (And I'm a very anxious everything.)

LOOKING FOR: I'm looking for journals/people who share similar interest with me, of course. And maybe can introduce me to new stuff. Because new things are fun. But I'm very much hoping to make friends that wanna talking about writing. Like, I want writing buddies, you know?

ANYTHING ELSE?: I have difficulties with my anxiety, so sometimes (and probably more than sometimes) I'm slow to respond via comments, etc.

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