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Hello world!

Name: Jana
Age: 30+
Location: Germany
Gender: female 
Languages: German, English, Russian

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: Right now, I´m in a re-education for store man (hope it’s the right description) January next year I´m finally done and can start to work.
I´m pretty open minded and almost always straight forward about what I´m thinking, even if people have problems with it. I´m a gamer (right now Xbox but want to switch to PS4), love reading fanfiction and books, movies.


Top 5 Fandoms:  Harry Potter, Supernatural, Star Trek, Assassin Creed

I mostly post about:  Daily things that happened, my feelings and reviews for shows and movies I watched, 

My last three posts were about:  My first here was today about shitty purchase on ebay.

How often do you post?
It´s differ, sometimes once I week or more but when I don’t feel like it and nothing happens then less.

How about commenting?
  When I can connect with the post then of course

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Howdy, Jana! I am Valerie. I am 32 and I live in Canada. I am a huge fan of Supernatural. I also like Harry Potter and Star Trek. I post about my daily life, my fandoms, my friends and my health problems. Feel free to discover more about me in my public updates. If I sound alright to you, let's be friends? :)
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Whoa! That was fast! Thank you! I am going to add you back! Nice to meet you! :D
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Hello, fellow gamer who also loves Harry Potter! I'm from Scotland and mostly post about stuff relating to games, stuff I've watched, general everyday things and such. Mind if I friend?

Also a big Final Fantasy fan in case the icon wasn't a dead giveaway. :)

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Hi Jana! I'm Sam. I love Supernatural. =) <-- Cas icon. lol Adding you.

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Great to have you White Fox! =D