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Friending meme

AGE: 30, soon to be 31


INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I love to read most sorts of books (preferably sci-fi and fantasy) and listen to podcasts (mainly BBC comedy, but also Welcome to Night Vale, the Thrilling Adventure Hour, and My Dad Wrote A Porno). I knit and cross-stitch when I have time and energy. I am a scientist long out of the lab and looking forward to getting back in there. I get inordinately excited by some science things (Epigenetics! Organoids! Developmental biology such as caterpillars turning into butterflies!) but I still can't wrap my head around advanced maths and physics. I'm a feminist and also love to do nail art. I like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, not too interested in newer fandoms even if I enjoy new series and movies and books.

LOOKING FOR: people who post about their life, crafty people, interesting discussions. I've been on LJ since 2004 but feel like I know too many people over there in real life. I'd like to make some cyber friends again :)

ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm mainly using my journal right now to get the toxicity out of my brain so it's mainly moaning and anger. We'll see if I get to use it in a better mood or not. My main problems are anxiety and depression and I'm seeing if regular journalling will make a difference.
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Crafty feminist, here! Check out my profile, and if you're interested, we can add each other!
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hi! it seems like we have a bit in common. i'm a general sci fi/fantasy nerd who also likes to craft. i'm nearly 30, work as a web developer and journal about my day to day life.

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I am always interested in feminists in the sciences. Following!
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Added ya!
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I understand depression and using an online journal as an outlet. I have bipolar disorder, and I do the same. I was on LJ since 2004 for, and recently moved over to DW, too.

I can be crafty--I make beaded jewelry and chain mail from time to time, and currently I'm working on a Lego project for a local Lego convention.

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I'm a big fan of science too, and it looks like we've got some other stuff in common. Feel free to drop by my blog and see what you think. Latest science post is on the extremely strange sex habits of the cabbage white butterfly.
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Re: Hello!

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I have added you back.

:D Current discussion is on gender balance of superpowers in mainstream comics. As you can tell from the comments, I have twisted those tropes into macrame.
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would love to be friends :) And a good reminder to post more craft!
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omg, I would love someone else to geek out about science with. I keep meaning to get back into it, but liiiiife.

(Physics is the bane of my existence. THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE.)

I'm always happy to listen to people who have anxiety and depression, having the same things myself.
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Welcome to Night Vale is one of my Favorite Things :) Added you. Hi from New Mexico!! -Ryan
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Hiya! I'd really like to add you, as you do sound interesting. I just need to forewarn you: I update about two-three times a month, sometimes more, sometimes less. I'm trying to change my life, so a lot of things going on there. I am very religious, Christian and learning more about becoming a Jehovah's Witness. So I'm sorry if I'm not your cup of tea. I do not talk about hellfire and damanation. I promise. I don't even believe in Hellfire!

Anyway, I am a depressed fish as well. have Schizo Effective disorder and bipolar. I wouldn't mind being friends especially with a science nerd who I can learn things from! I'll also understand you feeling down and try to comment when I can/when I remember. :3 Hopefully that's okay. ^^
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Hi, I would like to add you. I'm 31 and from Finland. Have had a Livejournal account for ten or so years. I'm a feminist too, into science, would like to knit more and depressed and/or burned out but wouldn't want to admit the first mentioned. I'm happy, I can't be depressed!
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Hi! I also love to read (I work at a library) and I love HP and LotR. I post about my thoughts and daily life. I'm new on DW and I just made an intro post on this comm here.

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*waves* Hi there! :) I'm also crafty, dealing with depression, and a science fan.