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38, Male, on the Other End of the World


Like many of you, I am here because other internet channels of communication have failed me.

I am also here because I have soft, misty water colored memories of the great LJ heyday of 2003, meeting new people, and founding communities through the miracle of nascient "social networking"

I am from the United States, but in 2016, I moved to Chile to work as an English teacher. A year later, I am still doing that.

I have lots of pop cultural interests, but don't really focus on those, unless something really catches my eye. Mostly I talk day to day life. Well, that is the theory. The truth is, I don't know totally what I am using this for, just yet. I am hoping a purpose and community will spring up spontaneously.
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I'd like to be friends :)
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Those are reasons why I like Dreamwidth as a place to hang out. I invite you to drop by my blog and see what you think. For a quiet communal activity, you might enjoy the cuddle party that we hold occasionally.

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Hi! I'm Sam and I too defected from LJ. I am from Canada. Added. :-)
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I added you. I'd like to hear about Chile.

Life has been disrupted lately, but I'm getting back to journal little by little.
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Would you like to be friends? Chile sounds really interesting :)
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Adding you.
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Hello, I'm from Argentina, I'll add you :)