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Name: Halley
Age: 24

A little about me: I'm a female, bi, recent college grad (art/photography). Although I'm currently working part-time at a bakery-cafe. I'm in the middle of trying to navigate life after school (getting a proper car, moving out of family home, etc) :"> I mostly post about day to day life, I use a lot of smileys, generally I'm very friendly and eccentric.

Interests & Hobbies: Reading, drawing, cosplay, comic books, drinking tea all the time, playing video games (rpgs mostly), american history, paganism, folklore, music (everything from Girls Generation to SOAD), Steven Universe, Final Fantasy, DC Comics, Harry Potter, NITW, Disney, Ghibli.......

Looking For: I'm recently getting back into blogging after getting out of my busy college schedule so I want to post regularly and read my friends page more often. Read my about me?
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I love DC comics, Harry Potter, history, and folklore! Mind if I add you?
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Hey! I like SU, Harry Potter, and NITW! I also like reading about paganism and folklore :)
Mind if I add? No worries if not ^^
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I share your interest in reading, art, and photography (and tea - although herbal for me), U.S. (and world) history, paganism and folklore, and love music. Also very interested in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and am an Aquarius!

Would you like to add each other?
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You probably have a billion friend requests by now! But just in case you don't, I'm going to add you. You can scope my profile and journal if you like, and then decide whether to add me back. No pressure!!! I am super behind on my reading page and stuff, but you seem really interesting to me.
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hi! it sounds like we might get along. i like reading, playing video games, cooking and crafting. i'm nearly 30, work as a web developer and journal about my day to day life.