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gum is the lie your mouth tells your stomach

hello im Allie! it's not my real name; i just like a bit of anonymity. i've fallen out of blogging (thanks tumblr) so my writing is a bit rusty.

anyway, i am a 20 something currently working in the "it's not free if it doesn't scan ive heard this joke before 6 million times" industry. i went to university, got depressed, dropped out, went back after 3 years and just finished my first year back. hoping i graduate next year (crossing my fingers i don't bail this time) and earn a better living so i can live by the beach with dogs and pursue my dream of owning a small shop on the side.

i have a couple hobbies: baking, going on really long walks, collecting receipts, and playing bad shows on Netflix in the background. i finally got around to watching gilmore girls and the revival. i am also a fan of brooklyn 99 and superstore. im not... a movie person. the last movie i've loved was whiplash. i'm always open to recs, just never sure when i'll get around to them. my to watch list still includes The Godfather.

i'm not at all a picky eater. i love going on food adventures and trying new things. by new things, i mean by going to a new sushi place. i live in Vancouver; i live in an expensive heaven. my ideal food combo consists of sushi, yam fries and matcha-flavoured sweets.

right now, i am learning to let go of my hoarder like ways byway of Marie Kondo and i am liking where it's going. im learning that if i had to re-start uni i would've majored in sociology or psychology. i love observing people. i like going to coffee shops by busy intersections and people watch... but i digress. i tend to be rambly, hope that's ok...

enough to friend?
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I love Gilmore Girls! And sushi, though I'm not a "real" sushi fan because I prefer cooked sushi. Ha.

I'm a hoarder, but I'm not working on it...I hope that's okay. ;)

I'll add you if you want to add me back. :D
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Yay! Added you back!
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hi! i'm nearly 30, i like to bake (mostly bread), i love trying new foods and i love my dog very much.

i'm a web developer, i like to read and play video games. i draw and make music in my spare time.

i mostly journal about my day to day life.

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that's cool, gaming (and gamer culture, it has a very deserved bad reputation) isn't for everyone. but games aren't a huge part of my life, it's just something i like to do in my spare time.

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That is enough to Friend! :)
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Allie is a great fake name! What is your current major? Mine was sociology (among many others), and my grad degree is in counseling (close enough to psych). I'm super interested in Vancouver. Check out my journal if you don't have enough friends yet and add me at your discretion! No pressure though.
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Have you always lived in Vancouver? One of my co-workers is from B.C. I think I'd really like it there. But yeah, I could not handle the cost of Vancouver.

Don't be jealous! I do Academic Counseling, or that's what I call it. I am the only one with a counseling background in the whole department (even the "counselor" in student services only has a voc rehab background.. not sure how that works). I work in the TRiO grants program with first-generation, low-income, and disabled students. My co-worker is also an INFJ, but I am INFP, very creative, easily stressed. Sometimes I wish I'd done finance or risk management or something, but I'd probably suck at it! :P

I'd like you to be able to manage your shop by the coast with four dogs, though. That sounds amazing. I think I'd like that for myself, too.
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I am not the most frequent updater, but if I update it is about my life and about trips, mostly with pictures.
I love food, travels, taking pictures, running, swimming,.... I am a 30s soemthing and my job keeps me busy.
Add me back?
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That is such a lovely photo of your mom and brother!

I hope your feeling better from the IV!
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Hiya! I really like Gilmore girls myself, even though I never finished the series. Probably should since it's mostly a wholesome show. lol I'd really like to add you, as you do sound interesting. I just need to forewarn you: I update about two-three times a month, sometimes more, sometimes less. I'm trying to change my life, so a lot of things going on there. I am very religious, Christian and learning more about becoming a Jehovah's Witness. So I'm sorry if I'm not your cup of tea. I do not talk about hellfire and damanation. I promise.