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I'm sort of trying to find something...fandom friends, or maybe just friends.

I'm looking for ppl over 18. Preferably towards my end of the age spectrum. Lgbt parents. People into femslash and people who aren't overly into m/m pairing in their fandoms. People who get social anxiety. Poets and writers.

Anyone else. I don't mind

I'm 35, bi, genderfluid, married with a kid. I live in Wales, I work in a pharmacy and write fiction and poetry too. 

I've got five cats and four chickens.

I will always love Stargate (SG-1 and SGA) and Trek (TNG, DS9, VOY) I have passing interests in other and currently love Dragon Age, MCU, Steven Universe, Brooklyn 99. I don't write as much fanfic as I used to still have a lot of ideas peculating up there. I miss being part of fandom though I've always felt like I was on the fringes.

I ship f/f and het mostly, and I read that too but I will write anything. Any pairing. I'm either mental or gifted. Not sure which.

I love old films from the beggining to the 70s. Love MST3K. The new series was great. I love crap films, I hate reboots but I will watch them sometimes.

I have a post here that has more about me if you want to check it out.
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Hi there. Also a fan of Steven Universe and Brooklyn 99.

"I love crap films" ha, same.
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Hey, you sound pretty cool! I'm also queer and anxious, and I write poetry. I'm not super active in any of your fandoms (although I love SU and keep meaning to draw fanart), but I'd love to be friends! Add?
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Hi, I'm 31 years old and from Finland, bi and anxious and used to be more socially anxious (crippled by it). I wrote a post here too a few days ago. I read a post on your blog about your dad and thought that I wanted to add you.