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+1 pretentious weeb!

NAME: Ryu, or Daley outside of DW/roleplay.

AGE: 25, can't wait to be whatever the male equivalent of a Christmas Cake is next year!

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Animals, anime, art, computers/electronics, food, foreign languages and the cultures associated with them (spanish especially), goth garbage, halloween, LGBTQ stuff, monsters, movies and tv shows, music, roleplay, shiba inu puppers (I own one!), video games, writing... Wow, I'm so unique!!!

LOOKING FOR: I suppose I'm just looking for people who share common interests with me at the moment. I've linked my profiles for MyAnimeList, etc., above if anybody wants more specific details on my fandoms of choice. My main fandoms are Aikatsu!, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! though. I'm not into live action stuff as much as I am with cartoons and I'm not big into popular live action canons either, so no SPN or MCU for me.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I'd like to think of myself as an open-minded guy, although I don't take other people's bullshit easily. I deal with fibromyalgia, mental illness, insomnia, crippling perfectionism, gender dysphoria, and my body generally being a giant unwanted mess, and I'm trying to live life as drama-free as I can while crossing my fingers that I can get my brain transplanted into a new body and mysteriously find a million dollars in my bank account. Puns, sarcasm, and self-deprecation are my bread and butter for lifting my spirits. Icon related.
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I'm a bit older (39), but definitely have the gender dysphoria fun in common! So, if you want someone to commiserate with, I'm your guy. :p
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Ha, cool. I had to go back and look at my Tumblr to see what I'd posted that was funny. :p I hardly use it!
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Oh my gosh. Another Aikatsu fan??! Omg.
I love Aikatsu and currently watching Aikatsu Stars as it airs (I miss Ichigo and the gang). Also, rewatching Pokemon with my gf. Great stuff.

Btw I'm Adrian, 28, I blog semi-frequently about my life and what animes I'm watching. I do have a MyAnimeList too, so think we have quite a bit in common.
I must add you, because Aikatsu is love. Feel free to add me back.
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Definitely Ichigo, followed closely by Aoi. I always love Yurika's performances, also Seira and Juri. I had a soft spot for Hikari from the first season too - she had barely any screentime but I liked what we did see of her. And of course Splash are wonderful <3

I'm currently watching the second season of AikaStars, it's not as good as original Aikatsu but it's still enjoyable. I like that the writers actually tried to introduce romance into the show, although still not very well lol. *still wishes something had happened between Ichigo/Naoto, or at least Akari/Sena*
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I can't remember my exact thoughts when Season 2 was airing, but looking at it now I did like DreAca and all the girls there. Seira and Kii especially. I know there are logical inconsistencies such as this rival school appearing out of nowhere but I still liked them. It definitely didn't ruin Aikatsu. If anyone wanted to point out Aikatsu "flaws", I'd point more to Akari creating a unit at short notice which could beat Tristar. Yup.

I think the only thing which really annoyed me about DreAca, if anything, was that Seira and Ichigo kept going head-to-head and it would ALWAYS be a draw. But they were really good together and I loved Seira's rock attitude. Especially in the Aikatsu movie. Best movie evarrrr.

Well, by "romance"...there are other boys, and they're around, and occasionally there's subtext. And there's one girl who definitely has a huge crush on one of the guys, who is supposed to be for Yume, except Yume is dense and doesn't notice it. It's still not actually canon but at least something's happening, lol.