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NAME: Minty
AGE: Closing in on 30
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Reading (I'm challenging myself to read at least one non-fiction book a month this year), music, art, crafts (I crochet, knit a little and I've recently started teaching myself to make clothes), technology (I'm a freelance web developer and I'm starting to dip my toe into game development)
LOOKING FOR: Potential new friends. We don't need to have a whole lot in common, just be able to have fun talking to each other.
ANYTHING ELSE?: My dreamwidth is new but I was an on-again off-again livejournaller for years. I started up again because I missed getting to know people through their journals.
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Ooh, a crafty person! I knit in the winter and embroider in the summer sometimes, and I'm also learning how to make clothes! I haven't made anything but pyjama bottoms so far, but I have many plans. I'm coming back to DW for pretty much the same reasons as you, too. Friends? :D
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Hi! My dw is new too (like super new) but it would be great to be able to get to know each other :) I miss the journaling community - and I just turned 30 a couple of weeks ago, so we've (sort of) got that in common at least! What book are you reading right now?
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Ooh, that does sound interesting! And I guess a nice change from all the stuff saying that All Modern Things Are Bad, which older people have been saying about younger people's hobbies since the dawn of time anyway, haha.
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Hi Minty! I'm Sam. :-) My friend Lorraine tried teaching me how to knit but it was a no go. I have bad eye hand co-ordination. As you can see, I love Paul McCartney <3 lol I had an LJ but I deleted it bc of the Russians and their new TOS. I'm going to be 43 in July... (oooold lol)

Adding you.
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Ciao! :-)
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Hi Minty! I like reading, drawing, and sewing. (In fact, I'm a cosplayer.) I think that's pretty cool that you freelance as well because I'm a freelance writer. :) Friends?
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Excellent! :D
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hi! i'm a big reader as well (mostly fiction, but some non-fiction too and i like hearing about what other folks are reading), and i like seeing other people's crafts (i make perfume oils, not so much with the knitting/sewing) and indie games (the extend of my ability is twine). (i also like parentheticals. apparently.)

adding you if that's ok!
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We both have several things in common. I've done several of the arts you have mentioned. Adding if that's ok with you.
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Thank you muchly...