May. 9th, 2017

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ABOUT ME: Salem, Thirty something writer and fanartist who gets way to invested in fictional couples.
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I like to write, and after a decade hiatus, i am just getting back into the swing of more in depth works.  I also game, so am very often doing two things at once.  I watch A LOT of TV, too many to list, so if you want to know what i watch, just ask.  Forever obsessed with Prison Break <3 <3
LOOKING FOR: Any like minded writers/fanartists/fangirls who would like to chat about fan stuff :D
ALSO KNOWN AS: Salem is my name, but i have really only used psueds for my works.  Most of the time you will find my art/writing credited to itrustyoutokillme.  Its my penname on, Ao3 and Wattpad as well as my skype name.  On Dreamwidth i am itwontalwaysbelikethis. Previously on LJ, i was artistic_writer (if anyone remembers me!) and so i kept this name on Dreamwidth.  I told you i loved PB ;)


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