Feb. 2nd, 2017

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NAME: Midnite

AGE: 36

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Reading [ YA, murder mystery, paranormal lit, horror/creepypasta-ish/creepy lit, Japanese lit (Heian Period, some Edo period, & contemporary), poetry, etc ] , Anime, Manga, Gaming, Superhero stuff [ mostly mcu, except for bats fam. mostly cinematic ] , Asian music [j-pop, j-rock, k-pop] , Creepy Spoopy Goth Witchy things, etc

LOOKING FOR: Looking for people who are active.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm disabled. I talk about the process I'm going through to get disability. I also talk about my physical and mental health. But it's always under a cut so people can avoid those post. I also have specific tags for them. I can't remembered if you can block tags on DW though? I do talk about fandoms (anime, manga, games) and I talk about books. I do try and have an equal amount, if not more, post about real life than fandom & book post.


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