Jan. 27th, 2017

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Hello. My name is Sam and I am looking for new friends here on DW. I have a profile so that you can browse in your free time. I am a very open person. Strong mentally too. Even though I have mental illness, I persevere. My photo is right here.

If you read my sticky post then, there is more info. 


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NAME: Jack
AGE: Old.
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Fishing, gardening, spending time outdoors, astronomy, science-fiction, superheroes, movies, reading, classical music, world war ii, dinosaurs, history and science. I was a geek before it was 'cool'.
LOOKING FOR: Friendly people who enjoy interaction, journals to read, new lives to learn about
ANYTHING ELSE?: I am a recent retiree looking for a new hobby. Apparently 'annoying my girlfriend' isn't the best use of my days. Her opinion, not mine. My favourite food is roast beef. I love to fly. I'm a father and a son. I'm a husband and a boyfriend - and an ex. I have two cats and two dogs. I can't swim. I wish I could type faster


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