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NAME: John
AGE: 29
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I love movies, animation (be it western animation or Japanese animation), books (though it's been a while since I've read something), Musical Theatre, video games (just like books, but in this case, it's been a while since I've played something, but Overwatch is piquing my interests and I'm slowly making a big comeback to Pokemon, thanks to Sun & Moon. I hope to get that someday), and music.
LOOKING FOR: Active journals (especially those who updates often). I love meeting people and communicating. I also don't mind people who share the same interests as me.
ANYTHING ELSE?: My journal is a random mix of personal with fandom. However, my fandom stuff is mostly on my Tumblr over at [tumblr.com profile] burgergami.

Hope to meet some people on here!
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Hello again, I've started to notice my Reading page slowing down a bit and so I thought I'd visit here again and see if anyone wanted to be friends. Here's the basic information you might like to know.

NAME: Halley (pronounced like Hay-lee) 
AGE: 23
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I have always been a fan of animation (cartoons, anime), video games and all kinds of music. I draw, take photographs (polaroid and digital). Recently, I've joined a cosplay club at my college so hopefully I can get into that. I'm always trying new hobbies to see what sticks.
LOOKING FOR: Someone who post often. I don't mind age, race, religion, or anything else. I like communicating with people in general so don't sweat the small stuff.
ANYTHING ELSE?: My journal is at least 90% friend's only, although some posts are open to the public, you'd really get more info from adding me. I am a college student nearing my last semester (Spring '17). I am a Photography major but I have an interest in a lot of other subjects like music, art, web design and video production, I'm not happy unless I'm creating something but I have long phases of laziness too so I can get pretty lethargic lol. I am in fandoms so you can ask me about that if you want or check out my tumblr. I don't post about them regularly on dreamwidth. It is worth noting that I have been blogging since I was 16 and I don't intend on stopping any time soon.

Thanks for reading.


Sep. 21st, 2016 02:11 pm
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this place isn't very active but here i am anyway! i'm an old woman who lives in a shoe! jk my name is jo, i'm about to be 28 and i'm real salty. i'm mentally ill, addicted to shopping, and when i'm not bitching i'm just an all around good time on the ol' internet journal website. i'll add anyone! if i find out you're like, a trump supporter or something, i can always unadd you later! also i do tend to post lots of pictures so if you don't like that i'd be wary. 
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NAME: Dust, Alicia, Al
AGE: 27
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Cartoons, comics, retro, history, fandom, writing, sci-fi, fantasy
LOOKING FOR: Posts about fandom and hobby interests as well as rl stuff, likes talking in general, preferably of a positive bent but I'm not against occasional ranting
ANYTHING ELSE?: I don't post very regularly (Tumblr's quick and easy platform has spoiled me and I don't have many friends who are still regular on Dreadwidtch and LJ anyhow) but I'm trying to do so more often. My most recent entries are mostly whining about fandom and updates on my personal to-do bingo cards, which bring up a handful of topics.
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NAME: Dave or Emily (Dave is my birth name but I don't always feel like a Dave. I'm cool with either though I generally prefer Emily.)
AGE: 27
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Many. Mostly games, music, and anime.
LOOKING FOR: Anything that sparks my interest I guess? I wouldn't mind seeing cool art and poetry and stuff on my feed. (Is that what they call it here?)
ANYTHING ELSE?:  Nah, I think that's fine for now.


Aug. 15th, 2016 12:01 am
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Name: Vi
Age: 33
From: Midwest America

I will blog about

Day to Day Life: Shit my Job/husband/Kids did.

Fandoms: Steven Universe, Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Luther, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, True Blood, King Of The Hill, Buffy, Star Trek (a few more)

Social Issues: Though I may not talk about this much because I get very angry ESPECIALLY when people try to justify stupidity or bigotry.

Christian Stuff: I wont be judgey like Kirk Cameron. But I am a Non denominational Christian and If I want to talk about my faith I will. Mostly It'll probably be me talking about my personal trials and tribs or tearing into people who use God as an excuse to be awful. *shrugs*

Minority Stuff: I will post positivity for People of Color, Women, and the LGBTQ community because I think we should see more than one type of American experience. Not exclusively of course.

Music Stuff. Special Events. Silly Stuff. Fun Stuff.

I'll also make icons for you guys to share if you give proper credit.

I swear, I have a dark sense of humor, And I'm not afraid of a healthy and respectful debate.
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NAME: Lost Shoe or Joie
AGE: 26
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Writing, Reading, Music, walking/hiking, Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans
LOOKING FOR: Journals I am looking for are friendly/friends who enjoys talking to others and whatever  --- teachers, RA folk,


Aug. 1st, 2016 01:59 am
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NAME: Milesy

AGE: 30

A BIT ABOUT ME: I tend to be around at random, inconsistent times, because I work from home. It's a lot of work, and the hours are weird because I don't stop until the job's done. I'll probably gladly share IM info with new friends, but will do so with the caveat that "online" doesn't necessarily mean anywhere near the computer.

I don't own a television, so about 90% of my media consumption comes from YouTube. The rest is Netflix or Prime, but only as shows I'm actively following have new seasons. I'll occasionally seek out documentaries, but mostly my subs list is so long that if I'm watching something, it's my YT Subs.

My husband and I both do a lot of cooking, and I do a lot of needlecrafts. I also do a lot of artwork, both digital and traditional. Nothing's on my journal right now, because it's brand new. I'm still looking for active communities to follow that are RTMI, but most of them seem long dead.

LOOKING FOR: Minimal politics. Like, extremely minimal. Other than that, people I can interact with. People who like the same things I do, but right now, my interests are pretty narrow, so this isn't exactly a mandatory point.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I've had the entire FNAF Musical stuck in my head since Friday. Dear god, please help.

ALSO KNOWN AS: [tumblr.com profile] Miles-y
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AGE: 22

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I like a LOT of things, but my main interests are Marvel (particularly MCU and Captain America), Animals (Especially reptiles), cross stitch (Although, I'm pretty new to it!), writing, art, photography, cooking and many more

FRIENDING POLICY: You're entirely welcome to add me if we have similar interests, hobbies, or if you just find me interesting. Please comment either on this post or my public post to let me know, though!

LOOKING FOR: Any kind. I'm happy with fandom and personal content.

ANYTHING ELSE?: My DW will probably be about 60/40 personal/fandom content. I'm disabled and a fair amount of my personal posts will probably mention it in one way, shape, or form because it has a massive impact on my life.

I'm extremely open minded and non-judgemental. I'm always happy to natter about anything and everything, or answer any questions. Interaction makes me extremely happy so I'll probably comment on a lot of your posts

NSFW or Triggering content will always be under a cut with warnings above
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Name: Maeve
Location: US

About Me
I really enjoy writing fanfiction and meta discussion, and I'm currently trying to break away from mono-fannishness, so I'm looking for new people to chat with in fandom.
Friending Policy
Go ahead and add me, and I'll add you back.

Trixie Belden, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, MCU, DCAU, all things DC especially the Teen Titans comics, all things Marvel especially anything X-Men, The Dresden Files, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Descendants (2015), and Ever After High.

Hiking, biking, running, dogs and cats, baking, cooking, crocheting, crafts, DIYs, making bath bombs (I'm always trying to perfect my recipe/methodology), history, research, true crime, and makeup
If anything at all resonates with you, feel free to add me!
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NAME: Heather
AGE: 32
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Programming, coffee, sewing, reading, journaling, gaming (something I hope to have more time to do later), Harry Potter, The Walking Dead. For more, check out my profile.
LOOKING FOR: I'm mostly interested in folks who write about real life stuff, but if fannish stuff is in the mix that's fine too. Really, anyone who is interested who isn't a jerk is welcome!
ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm going through some major life-changes right now and most of my writing of late is centered around failed relationships. I try to comment often and enjoy talking back and forth. I update at least once a week. I am a Christian, however I do respect your right to believe as you wish and ask for the same respect in turn. :)


Jul. 2nd, 2016 09:27 pm
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Hi there,
My name is Leslie. I'm 28 and have been on dw for about a year. I'm just basically looking for people who write about their day to day life. I don't mind hearing about Fandoms, but I much prefer hearing about day to day stuff. I write about a variety of stuff, from the stuff I did today to my issues, my blindness and other things. My journal is friends locked, so please comment before adding so I know who you are. If you want to learn anything else, just let me know. Also, I'm not a very good commenter, so I hope you don't take offence if I don't comment very often. Thanks. Hope to see you soon..
P.S. I don't write every day. the times between one journal entry to the next can be a little bit scattered. Also, No one under the age of 18 please.
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NAME: Jenni

AGE: 27

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: reading, drawing, cooking, plants, curry, animals, dinosaurs

LOOKING FOR: I'm just looking for people who write occasionally about their day to day lives.

ANYTHING ELSE?: My journal is just about me and what's going on in my life. I live with my partner and our two cats. I've been trying to do better at keeping plants alive and I'm really excited about it! However, my cats are bent on knocking my baby plants down in the middle of the night. Lately I've been working on losing weight and actually making real progress for the first time in a while. I'm easy going and have no judgements for how anyone chooses to live their life, only positive vibes from me!
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AGE: 29

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Making music, mentoring, social justice, walking in nature, spending time with my dogs (and chickens), camping, hiking, kayaking, meditating, trying to teach myself how to play acoustic guitar, wannabe singer

LOOKING FOR: Folks who are non-judgmental and supportive. My journal is basically my diary where I spill my innermost thoughts and feelings. I write a lot about my day-to-day life and would like to find others who are doing the same. I'm not interested/into fandom. It'd be awesome to have folks read (and comment) on my entries. I promise to do the same for you! =)

ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm currently figuring out my gender identity as well as working through abuse from my childhood. I'm on an epic quest to find the most amazing MSW program EVAR.
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NAME: The Right Honorable Baroness of All Cosmos™, 1st Vicerine Richthofen of Biscayne Bay, Lady of White Harbor . . . oh, you get the idea. Most just call me Baroness, but you can call me whatever you want (within reason of course).

AGE: Never ask a woman her age, a man his salary, or a student their marks.

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Cartoons, anime, Gundam (which I suppose could fall under the previous two), comic books (mostly the indie stuff nowadays--really digging The Manhattan Projects, it's some trippy stuff), history, military strategy, how things work, automobiles, airplanes, rockets, illustration, technology, Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire (I can like the show and the books still, yeah?), Batman (in all his incarnations, except for written by Kevin Smith because LOL NO), looking at Michael Jackson's outfits, trying to find out how much useless knowledge I can cram between my ears and recall at a later date, racing, flying, collecting vinyl records . . . there's probably some I'm forgetting, but those are the main ones.

I like to draw and occasionally paint, mostly acrylic, although I have some watercolors that occasionally see use. Sometimes I work digitally and I am still trying to get over the curve of an Intuos feeling like drawing on a piece of glass.

I like to pretend to be a mermaid (no, I'm serious) and swim laps regularly. My hair's texture is forever frizzy due to this.

LOOKING FOR: I suppose I am something of a diary-type journal, so something like that would be nice. I'm not into fandom anymore--I enjoyed my fandom heyday during the days of Angelfire and Geocities. I'm not old by any stretch of the term despite my refusal to disclose my age, but I have been around the Internet block, if you get my drift (regular Internet user since 1995 [no, really], using LJ and various clones since 2002-03). A lot of people on my list have stopped posting, and I suppose I'd simply like more people to read and get to know.

ANYTHING ELSE?: Not particularly--I don't know what you want to know. Quite the conundrum.

I am pretty verbose, but I tend to shy away from writing anything too terribly intense. My general rule is I try not to write anything I would not want to hear read aloud in a courtroom or be asked by a form of authority to explain or justify, and I try not to write anything about anyone that I would not say to that person's face. I skip over 18+ type stuff.

I'm pretty sarcastic and enjoy engaging in various forms of wordplay. My tongue is usually very firmly planted in my cheek.

I don't like to talk about myself in great detail (this applies offline as well and is simply an aspect of my personality, I feel), so usually if you want to know something, you'll have to ask, and even then, depending on the question, I may not answer.

ALSO KNOWN AS: The voice that speaks to you at Zombo.com. (Dude, I can't believe Zombo is still around.)

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NAME: Deidre

AGE: 30

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: biking, reading sci-fi novels, writing, knitting, crocheting, programming, astronomy, the history of the English language, video games, tea, being a sloth

LOOKING FOR: I'm looking for those who tend to write about their lives; I'm not big on fandom. It would be wonderful to find others who enjoy reading and crafting. Also, I'm trying to get back into shape, so it might be good to have others for accountability.

ANYTHING ELSE?: The past few years have been difficult health-wise, but I finally have answers. I'm a hot mess trying to cut my losses. (I'm talking about leaving a grad program type of losses, trying to figure out how to make a career from the esoteric intersection of my studies.) Rebuilding my health and life at the moment.
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NAME: Taty
AGE: 38
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Ancient Egyptian Culture, Witchcraft (I'm Pagan), astronomy, painting and drawing, Art, poetry, photography (amateur :-D), ocean/sea (I'm Pisces and completely a fish *giggles*), reading books, sci-fi, movies... feel free to check out my profile to get a sense for what I like :-).

LOOKING FOR: People who post every now and then... about your daily life, I love to see photos from your life as well but I do understand that not everyone are comfortable sharing photos online so that's ok if you don't. I also look for people who comment... I definitely don't expect comments on every single entry I make... but every now and then so I know you are there and interested in what I might be writing and getting to know me :-).
ANYTHING ELSE?: I post every now and then... I'm not always online every day... so if you want someone that comments on the day you've posted I might not be the one to have on your f-list. I do however (when I've been away) try to go back and comment on your entries that I've missed.

Also if we feel after awhile that we might not click there will be no hard feelings on my part if you remove me... a heads up that you are making a friends cut would be nice but understandable if you don't want to advertise it :-)... it's never easy removing someone since it might feel personal even if it isn't.

ALSO KNOWN AS: I'm on LJ under the same name as well... but I prefer to keep only one journal of yours on my f-list unless you post different things on the other page then I'd happily add you there as well.


May. 23rd, 2016 06:34 pm
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NAME: Jillian
AGE: 25

I’m a Texan (born in Dallas, primarily lived in Austin) who currently lives in Florida for school. I spent about five years growing up in California (Bay Area) though and consider myself more of a west coast type of person- I’m very laid back and open-minded.

I am coming close to graduating college with a Recording Arts degree, and music is one of my biggest interests- whether it’s listening, recording, or mixing it. My favorite genres are electronic (stuff like FKA twigs, Crystal Castles, Cocteau Twins- more chill stuff), alternative rock (Deftones, My Bloody Valentine, Garbage, Nirvana, Silversun Pickups, Sneaker Pimps, No Doubt), and indie/regular pop (Florence + the Machine, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Marina & the Diamonds, Namie Amuro, some k-pop) but I like to try anything. I used to be a huge film buff but I find myself watching less movies. When I do I tend to watch older movies (90’s and earlier). I like coming of age, dark comedy, thriller, and horror movies. It tends to be similar with television, but I tend to like comedies more like Fresh Prince and That 70's Show. Also, three of my favorite tv shows have strong female leads: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias and Veronica Mars.

LOOKING FOR: People that are open-minded and write about their daily lives. I love hearing about people from all walks of life. It would also be nice to befriend people who share some common interests with me.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I tend to write about school life a lot these days, but I’ll still throw in posts about my observations on society/pop culture and some fandom posts from time to time.
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AGE: 31
LOCATION: Ontario, Canada

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I'm an oldbie from LJ (circa 2002??) and I've been kicking around all this time. I like cooking, gardening, writing, roleplaying, photography, cats, travel, video games, tea and coffee, history and mythology. Most of my fandom interests are listed on my profile page. I'm currently unemployed and trying desperately not to be, college-student-on-hold, pretty mundane life online and off. I moderate a couple of communities here on Dreamwidth, so I occasionally talk about those.

LOOKING FOR: People who update regularly! I like reading about other people's lives, hobbies, etc, and really enjoy reading people's thoughts about their various fandoms, meta, recs, that sort of thing.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I do try to comment on most entries, and I also like when people comment back... it's not a requirement or anything, but I enjoy it being able to talk back and forth. I'm trying to make it a habit to update my journal around 1-2 times a week.

My journal is friends-only, but I'll add pretty much anyone so long as we share some kind of interests.
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